When did the Franciscans of Western Canada acquire their lands, which include portions of the “Cochrane Hill”?2018-10-11T18:05:18+00:00

Portions of the “Cochrane Hill”, currently owned by the Franciscans of Western Canada, were formerly owned by Mr. Charles Wellington Fisher, who purchased the lands in 1907, and then by the McConachie family in 1931. These lands were acquired by the Franciscans in 1949 when they purchased one parcel of land and were gifted an additional two parcels by Mr. Clair J. Cote, a local realtor.  For more information on the history of our lands (identified in red below), please click HERE.

How many acres of the land owned by the Franciscans of Western Canada are within the Town of Cochrane, and how many acres are within Rocky View County?2018-10-11T19:32:45+00:00

Approximately 200 acres of the land are located within The Town of Cochrane limits and approximately 300 are located within Rocky View County.

Will the Mount St. Francis Retreat Centre remain in its current location?2018-10-11T15:09:15+00:00

Yes, the Retreat Centre intends to stay in its current location.

Can you explain the “Amalgamation of the two Franciscan Provinces in Canada?2018-10-11T18:02:34+00:00

Until now, the Franciscans of Canada have existed as two groups; the Franciscans of Western Canada (Province of Christ the King) and the Franciscans of Eastern Canada (St. Joseph Province). Historically, the two groups have existed as separate entities with two separate administrations.

On October 22, the two groups will join their human and corporate resources with a single administration through the creation of the new “Canadian Province”, which will consist of a Provincial Minister and his Council (also known as his Definitory).

For more information about the Franciscans of Canada, please visit http://www.franciscanfriars.ca/

Why are the two Provinces uniting?2018-10-11T17:50:51+00:00

Over the years, in both the East and the West, the Franciscan Friars have decreased in number and increased in age, and the two groups are no longer permitted to sustain their individual existences, or to function as independent entities. Over the last five years, they have worked toward a unification of human and corporate resources.

The Amalgamation also allows for the two groups’ corporate status and legal holdings to be joined together under the same Provincial Minister and Council, and Board of Trustees.

What do you mean by “we are exploring our lands”?2018-10-11T15:11:24+00:00

The Franciscans of Western Canada have hired consultants to conduct research to determine existing characteristics of our lands from a variety of technical disciplines. This information will help us as we move forward with our strategic planning as a national body in the future.

Who owns the “Cochrane Hill”?2018-10-11T18:04:53+00:00

The majority of what’s commonly known as the “Cochrane Hill” is owned by a number of private land owners. The portion of the lands identified in the image below is owned by the Franciscans of Western Canada”

Can the public access and walk on these lands?2018-10-11T15:12:04+00:00

As with any privately owned land where no trespassing signs exist, entering the lands would be considered trespassing.  Should anyone enter the property without permission, they will understand and accept the risks, liability and any regulatory penalties associated with trespassing.

How can I stay informed about the future plans of Mount St. Francis Retreat and the Franciscans of Canada?2018-10-11T17:48:30+00:00

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