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Looking Forward

2019 begins a transition and new vision for the newly unified Franciscans of Canada, as we look into the future to determine what the next 70 years look like.


Mount St. Francis Retreat Centre is situated on nearly over 500 acres of land, overlooking the Big Hill Creek Valley and certain points provide spectacular views of the Town of Cochrane and the Rocky Mountains.

Over the next year, we Franciscans will be looking at the Mount St. Francis lands as part of our plan to guide the next 70 years and our aspirations to continue serving the local area.

As we explore these lands, we will be working with a number of technical consultants to complete assessments from environmental, archaeological and biophysical perspectives. The information gathered through these studies, along with the Franciscans’ mission to be protectors of the Earth and environment, will help inform future decisions for the Franciscans and the Mount St. Francis Retreat.

We look forward to sharing information with our neighbours and the community as we look into the future. If you would like to stay up to date about Mount St. Francis Retreat and our plans for the future, be sure to get in touch and register for updates.



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